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Japan IT Exchange

Compy Conglomerate was established in 1996 with the help of a group of people working on a common project. In 2001, the company became a part of SOFTBANK Group which is a telecommunications company.Two years later, the company announced the marketing of robot “Mospen-kun”which was concurrent with the birthday of Japan’s most popular robot Astro Boy. The company already received the ITIL Ver.3 certification and has been featured in Yahoo! News in 2009. This year as well, the company started working with the Chinese government and has been able to receive certifications. More branches were established in different parts of Japan in Nagoya, Sendai, Hiroshima, Ginza and an offshore development based in the Philippines in the year that followed. The next year, “Mospen-kun” was featured in different conventions within Japan. By 2017, the company has grown to a group of 50 companies and has increased to 1000 employees followed by its advancement to United States, China and United Kingdom. In 2017, we developed four BOT systems and started offering “ChatBOT” real time communication tool. In April 2017 a head office was established in Singapore as Compy Conglomerate Singapore.

事業とITがお互いのベストを引き出せるように両者の整合性を取る ITIL®の観点について記述しています。サービス・ライフサイクルのどの段階もが常にビジネス・ケースに焦点を当て、また、付随する後続のプロセス要素の全てに関係づけられるようにします。本コンテンツ以降では、成果物を本コンテンツに記述されている事業目標、業務用件、サービスマネジメント方針の達成へと結び付けます。

19,000円 / 年間

(初月登録料 13,500円 ・ 2ヶ月目~12ヶ月目 500円/月)